Being also the protagonist, or main character, Titus is also the narrator of the story. He is around a Junior or Senior in high school and is basically a normal teen living in his futuristic world. All he and his friends want to do is just have a good time and enjoy the youth they have. While he is not like his friend Marty (an obnoxious sport junky) or like Link (a tall and ugly jerk who is found out to be a clone of Abe Lincoln) he still shares similar traits that they do. The feed has all given them the taste and need for consumer products and advertisements. Violet sees that Titus is not as hopeless as the others. That she still may be able to reach him and teach him that there are more important things going on in the world; that thinking about your self is not the kind of life that is worth living for. She soon finds out that she is wrong; that all he cares about himself. That partying is more important than the natural destruction of our environment. That dating and hanging out with his friends is more important than being there for the only person who can truly understand him. Until it's too late when he finally realizes that there are more things in life than living for yourself; for you can never love others, if you don't love yourself.

Violet Durn 

After the Moon incident, it was quite obvious that Violet and Titus had a thing. They soon began their relationship back on earth and things were going great. She seemed like a pretty normal and nice girl when the gang first met her, but as Titus soon discovers more about her, he's not so sure. She begins acting different and her body’s doing things that are not normal. Some of her ligaments go numb for hours at a time and her feed malfunctions unexpectedly. She goes to technicians to try and get her problems fixed, but none of them can seem to help. They say that since she got her feed later in age then she was supposed to, her body never fully adapted to the chip. Despite the problem with her feed, Violet is still in to showing Titus the better things in life. To prove to him that “Feedtech” is a big phony. That no one can ever think for themselves anymore. Sooner or later they will control the whole human population, and she is not going down without a fight.