73% of Americans have an implanted computer chip called a "feed" which is controlled by an evolved computer network company called "Feednet". The chip basically has a "terminator" like feel to it where you see normally but there is also a computer like screen to your vision. The feed lets you "M-Chat" (or a form of evolved Instant Messaging on closed channels, effectively creating a form of telepathy) which lets you chat privately with your friends, it also gets to know the kind of person you are and the kind of things you like. Showing you sales on items it knows you'll like or finding music you might be interested in. This is what they call "Data Mining". There are also certain sites on the Feednet that have psychological effects on users, causing them to go "in Mal"; in other words, they can deliberately cause their feed chips to malfunction, giving the person physical and mental sensations similar to the effects of drugs and alcohol. The environment has also gotten so bad that they must make artificial clouds called Clouds™. The ocean is so acidic that you can't swim in it and for some reason sex is no longer possible so woman must go through "in-vitro fertilization" which allows them to customize their child to their liking.

     Taking place in the future, Titus and his friends are living in a dystopia. But they are so engulfed in their teenage social lives that they don't even realize the world is crumbling under their very feet’s. Until one day during their spring break vacation to the moon, Titus notices something. One of the most beautiful girls he has even seen. She begins to join the group when she helps out of one Titus friends with a fashion problem. They being to get aquatinted with each other and decided to spend the rest of their vacation together. Her name is Violet. 

      There is a teen club that is not too far from the hotel they are starting out. So later that night they all board a hover cab that takes them to the club for a good time; or so they think. An eccentric man is wondering the crowd bothering teens here and there. He reaches Titus and Violet while they were "M-Chatting" one another, and ends up touching both of them including some of his friends. The next thing they know, they're waking up in a hospital wondering what on earth happened. Apparently the man was from an anti-feed organization that hacked their feeds, causing them to uncontrollably spout anti-feed slogans before going unconscious. The virus temporarily shuts down their feed so they have nothing to do but talk. This is how Titus and Violet get to know each other better and form a strong relationship. He soon realizes that Violet is not like the others; she's different. The problem he is having is deciding wither or not he loves this about her or absolutely hates it. He is then in something more then he bargined for. Most of them came back fine after the moon incident, but Violet is not so sure she recovered as well as the others.