Secret Crowds

-Every time I listen to this song, for some reason I think of the future. A lot of their music has a real eerie feel to it and their lyrics always just seem to flow into the music like it was always meant to be there.

-I picked this song because it's describing a guy creating his own society and how perfect he would try to make it. There will be no more war, pain, poverty, or suffering. The singer is basically saying that WE should all be nicer and loving to other people, wither we like them or not. That THIS generation needs to rise up and realize what this worlds coming to and it's our job to try and change it.

-This reminds me of the book because it seems as though Violet is one of the people in their generation that IS trying to rise up and make people open their eyes to see what is really going on. Her attempt to convince Titus that everything is not as perfect as it seems, fails throughout most of the book. It seems that only until the resolution of the book when he feels the need to change.