The Downfall of Human Thought 
and Reliance on Technology

With the world falling to pieces right in front of our eyes, it's only relevant that someone were to write their own perspective on how they view it. M.T. Anderson must have felt a calling to express his feelings on what the world is becoming.

-Technology has indescribably grown throughout the years. With the findings of new technology also comes a price. Being Americans, we rely on many things for us during our daily life routine; we want things done fast and done right. The progression of the years has met it standards and has given us what we have asked for, but it doesn't stop there. We are also asking for more and more things; bigger and faster. We are never truly satisfied with we actually have. Soon it will get so bad that what happened in the story will maybe someday happen to us. Sooner or later, people are not only going to be tired to go to work or school, but soon be tired of having to think and learn things in our jobs or schools. Our minds will actually in fact have minds of their own. It may seem like a great idea, but all it is promoting is laziness; not only physically but mentally as well.

 -With this story, Anderson can show how things can get if we push technology too far. Let's face it, one day technology is going to get fed up with man and start thinking for themselves. When that happens, you bet there will be destruction and chaos on our earth.  They will finally push back, so let’s just hope to God we are smart and strong enough to stop it.